The Morons Of Coronavirus 

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Good Times
Good Times 7 годин тому
This was not entertaining. Simply low energy social commentary. Not saying he's wrong, just boring.
telepathy90 8 годин тому
Papa !
Knight Owl
Knight Owl 8 годин тому
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> That dude reminds me of my friend because she doesn't give a shit about the corona-virus or the lung cancer she's gonna get after smoking a pack of cigs for 30+ years.
Cosmic squirrel
Cosmic squirrel 8 годин тому
People are more selfish and callous than ever. Young people in particular. It's not a good indication of the outcome of th i s madness.
Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz 8 годин тому
Knight Owl
Knight Owl 8 годин тому
"A dollar store Juggernaut."
L PC 8 годин тому
Sly Ny
Sly Ny 8 годин тому
I agree with u on everything else dude but Tithes go to charity and missionaries so wtf was the point of that rant...
BrookieBear 4186
BrookieBear 4186 8 годин тому
I never thought he was going to post another video thank you corona virus for giving us something good out of these hard times 🙏🏼
Mitchell Kirby
Mitchell Kirby 8 годин тому
Frick is the lamest word in the world...
Blixsus 8 годин тому
Did I just wake up in 2015 yes my sleep schedule is messed up no I’m not worried about it I just need a daily dose of goofs and gafs
Matthew Vektrax
Matthew Vektrax 9 годин тому
Shortage of toilet paper and Eth a n makes a skit with it. Hypocrisy.
sabbel babbel
sabbel babbel 9 годин тому
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="336">5:36</a> why on earth would you censor the two words "old" and "poor" [people] ???
Phoenix - Fireblaze
Phoenix - Fireblaze 9 годин тому
King Cave
King Cave 9 годин тому
Hila only fans
Brioche Bill
Brioche Bill 9 годин тому
Intro was mega piff
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 10 годин тому
Got the casting couch in the background lmao
CHAOTIC POTATO 10 годин тому
Rewrite the makarina but Carona Virus h3
Nathan Haaren
Nathan Haaren 10 годин тому
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="774">12:54</a> "chwhatever you do right now ..." funny accent
Katarina 10 годин тому
why are people stupid
Omar Masri
Omar Masri 10 годин тому
this guy is funny
M D 10 годин тому
Damn, that intro really made me in tears of joy
Jacob Orozco
Jacob Orozco 10 годин тому
Florida dumbassess can't say that after NY confirmed 'hell' by littlerly everyone even doctors. Most people die of all ages confirmed today.
Jotveer Khangura
Jotveer Khangura 10 годин тому
What the frick is going on with your house dawg why is there just a white couch in front of nothing
Get Zapped
Get Zapped 10 годин тому
@H3H3Productions Dear H3H3, there seems to be this awful twitter scam going where they are acting like giveaways and asking for peoples cashapp, then somehow scamming folks out if there money, plz id love to see u raise hell on this topic Two of the guys, one of em is Blesses and Blessings
Cyr Whieghtonhaur
Cyr Whieghtonhaur 10 годин тому
Hila looks like Billie Eilish
Frantz Pohlenz
Frantz Pohlenz 10 годин тому
Bout fuckin time💕
Zach Horsman
Zach Horsman 10 годин тому
Kaceytron is obviously joking. chick makes jokes like or worse than that all the time without cracking smiles. Says shit like "If we were dating, you can just leave the bag on my head all of the time, it's no problem. Wouldn't blame you". Also, "getting paid minimum wage, and they're having to be an atourney for the company" is such a fucking stupid thing to say.. Read the last line of that letter. They're keeping stores open to keep giving their minimum wage workers money. I doubt they're making money, they're doing it to have a real and good reason to pay their workers when people especially need money.
Icy Slush
Icy Slush 10 годин тому
I want vape nation 2
Youngboi trynamakemils
Youngboi trynamakemils 10 годин тому
Alright,see you in next pandemic
William Bradford
William Bradford 10 годин тому
It just ain’t the same anymore
khrys 10 годин тому
I really despise the Chinese.
Tricolorrr533 10 годин тому
Youve been showing off that cough too much. Sjws are gonna get you
transcendtient 10 годин тому
Black humor shouldn't get anyone deplatformed. But it's always been that way.
Frankie Croasdale
Frankie Croasdale 10 годин тому
damn I forgot you existed
Sparky 10 годин тому
im confused why does this video have hella dislikes
ciri L
ciri L 10 годин тому
"It's a virus AND I respect it" wtf??
spanner in the works
spanner in the works 11 годин тому
I'm 16 and I literally stole my house keys so no one can leave. Only to be unlocked when we need food, etc.
TheOneManGamingCrew 10 годин тому
You can't unlock your doors from the inside? What?
Titus Mnt
Titus Mnt 11 годин тому
i also do bar mitzvas
bajishbajosh 11 годин тому
I’m hoping our comments bring Ethan back. Or this comment in general. We miss the content ETHAN!
Jesse Wood
Jesse Wood 11 годин тому
"One due eats a bat in China and I can't leave my house..."
Martin Scheuter
Martin Scheuter 11 годин тому
B-rent Perry
B-rent Perry 11 годин тому
virus happens every young person NATURAL SELECTION
Billie Davis
Billie Davis 11 годин тому
Honestly, is it just me or this kind of valley accent is just too annoying <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="259">4:19</a>
big weeb 69
big weeb 69 11 годин тому
Nah it's Boomer Consumer <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a>
Zombie Reaper101
Zombie Reaper101 12 годин тому
I came here because of leafyishere
Harry Williams
Harry Williams 12 годин тому
Been saying this since I heard about the price gougers, if the healthcare industry can price gouge insulin (a life saving medicine) then people should be able to do the same with hand sanitizer
tom lupton
tom lupton 12 годин тому
Boomer is NOT an age it’s about when you are born. You can’t get close to being a boomer, you was either born between 1946 and 1964 or not. It’s just that soon millennials will be old, but you will still be a millennial lol.
Frickin' Fricks
Frickin' Fricks 12 годин тому
Yay h3 id back baby
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 12 годин тому
Love the Papa John part of the intro 😂
Coby Bryan
Coby Bryan 12 годин тому
ethan, hating on gamestop is such a lukewarm 2012 take
Ultimate Powa
Ultimate Powa 12 годин тому
Colloidal silver does work against coronavirus, but it has 1 charge per molecule if you would and is a rather dated remedy. It can kill one cell of the coronavirus per silver molecule. Nanosilver, which is used by the US military, has 4 charges per molecule, and is far smaller, therefor takes less resources and is less toxic. Colloidal silver should only be taken if ill, or put in your bong water or something to prevent bacteria and mold. Nano silver can be taken as a supplement, although it can still be toxic in high enough amounts. Btw, that bottle of colloidal silver should be $10 if that, and there's probably not real silver in it.
Janakiram R
Janakiram R 12 годин тому
H3H3 uploading was the only good thing that happened this year.
Wobly Bobly
Wobly Bobly 12 годин тому
Just get a bottle of aloe and fill it about a quarter of the way up with alchohol and you have homemade hand sanitizer
ACTIONJEANS 12 годин тому
Not that good
You Dumbass • 10 years ago
You Dumbass • 10 years ago 12 годин тому
I haven't seen Tai Lopez in a hot minute.
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 12 годин тому
O V E R H Y P E D [80,000 DEAD from the Flu in 2018] [23,000 DEAD this season so far] If ya gona bring some apolcalyptic shit, bring the apocalyptic deathcount.
93alekss 12 годин тому
if i knew there would be this virus i would've bought tons of masks and sensitisers as well and sold on ebay and amazon.
Cody Wellman
Cody Wellman 13 годин тому
I'd rather give 10% to Teddy Fresh than my church
Jack Nicolai
Jack Nicolai 13 годин тому
I love the papa john intro, but the Michelle Obama intro is just so legendary.
The once Famous
The once Famous 13 годин тому
I’ll stay inside as long as I have h3h3 to whach
asmiRakumo 13 годин тому
Missed this
Vicky Pollard
Vicky Pollard 13 годин тому
I have really bad asthma and I know 3 other people just in my class with it it’s people like us who are gonna die from it and it those teenagers who are gonna kill us
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez 13 годин тому
It only took a pandemic to get a new h3h3 video.
Wasssup360 13 годин тому
Well Ethan and Hila, and about time too!
Михаил Шипилов
Михаил Шипилов 13 годин тому
Hey guys, I love your podcast stuff but it's just not for me. This is totally my jam tho - your commentary videos. Here's to hoping that there's gonna be more of them in the near future so that we all have some good light-hearted fun until the humanity is no more
Eleazar Esquivel
Eleazar Esquivel 13 годин тому
They got papa himself
Clark Phillips
Clark Phillips 13 годин тому
10/10 that was faze banks
Brad From Scene Twenty Four
Brad From Scene Twenty Four 13 годин тому
Kenneth Copeland no longer looks human. He has descended from humanity and is now his own species. He is the type of dude that would have made Jesus flip the table.
Keagan Wall
Keagan Wall 13 годин тому
I will never understand why they practically abandoned this channel for the podcast. This is the format that works for them.
Kerry Roberts
Kerry Roberts 14 годин тому
This girl (@ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a>) is like a dollar store blonde version of Riley Reid.
hola soy dora
hola soy dora 14 годин тому
When you’re literally the god of youtube
Xbox_ Hater87
Xbox_ Hater87 14 годин тому
Disgusting omg...
Emily!has Anxiety
Emily!has Anxiety 14 годин тому
Chillsberry 14 годин тому
Please daily videos again
ROGELIO CANELA 14 годин тому
God I hate cardi
Daniel Hesse
Daniel Hesse 14 годин тому
You heard it here first folks, deadpan humor isn't a thing.
Elite7555 14 годин тому
We can only hope those idiots one day realize how much of an idiot they are, so they then could leave the thinking to others who are more capable of doing so.
RoseScented Sins
RoseScented Sins 14 годин тому
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="708">11:48</a> Is that booty sweat on his hands ?
Martin P
Martin P 14 годин тому
Welcome to the destruction of Marriage, family, and greed. Great bunch of offspring.
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