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#MORBIUS - watch the teaser trailer now. In theaters this summer.
One of Marvel’s most compelling and conflicted characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto transforms into the enigmatic antihero, Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.
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Jared Leto
Matt Smith
Adria Arjona
Jared Harris
Al Madrigal
with Tyrese Gibson
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13 січ 2020





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Yadhu Krishnan tr
Yadhu Krishnan tr 4 години тому
The painting on the wall 2:10 ,so sad to tell😥 its means after spiderman killed the mysterio in FFH people hates him
charles wolfling
charles wolfling 4 години тому
This is Amazing Thankyou so much "SONY"
Priyansh Rai
Priyansh Rai 4 години тому
Whats the music name??? Plzzzzzzzz
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On one hand this looks like trash but on the other, 11 is in it.
Jose Rajan
Jose Rajan 5 годин тому
It's like to listen januvariyil viriyumo song BGM
Rae Boyd
Rae Boyd 5 годин тому
Mohammed Waqar
Mohammed Waqar 5 годин тому
So basically he's Marvel's batman?
Dave Nash
Dave Nash 5 годин тому
WILLY 027 6 годин тому
The real "Batman"..
Doc Whiskey
Doc Whiskey 6 годин тому
10$ says Blade in a post credits scene.
Dwight Ortega
Dwight Ortega 6 годин тому
oak 1971 KD9NXQ
oak 1971 KD9NXQ 6 годин тому
Not saying this won't be good, but it's no Blade.
Tarrie Ahmed
Tarrie Ahmed 6 годин тому
Fur Elise has never sounded so gooooood 😍😍
?? 1:14 ? ? ??
Corey Mac
Corey Mac 6 годин тому
Why do singers think they can act
Lavidaloca111 4 години тому
Corey Mac why not? There are lots of very good and very successful actor/musicians. Just google.
Arturo Navarro
Arturo Navarro 7 годин тому
Thought it was Batman 2
Elvin Garcia
Elvin Garcia 7 годин тому
From The Studio That Brought You Marvel's Iron Man® Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse™ And VENOM®
City And Animals
City And Animals 7 годин тому
Can you support
S3KT0PL3X 157
S3KT0PL3X 157 7 годин тому
I believe this character Leto will do a way better job. Morbius seems like more his style of a character. This should be a pretty good movie
THESE VIEWS 8 годин тому
👤🤳🏾 someone will send you 20 cents on this cashapp tag, £2CONTEH
Tadeáš Morávek
Tadeáš Morávek 8 годин тому
Vampire Rasputin from MARVEL perfect
Pranav Nair
Pranav Nair 8 годин тому
I'm Batman from parallel universe 👤
King K
King K 8 годин тому
There’s a old school Spider-Man poster😁
Gaurav Dubey
Gaurav Dubey 9 годин тому
Who is watching from *INDIA🇮🇳* 👇👇👇👇👇👇
Vinc hanell
Vinc hanell 9 годин тому
Da da de de Dee de dam
ImATimeTraveler 9 годин тому
Marvelvania: Rave of the Night.
Chelleis crazy
Chelleis crazy 9 годин тому
Can’t wait to watch it 😫
Ahmed Alzkrah
Ahmed Alzkrah 9 годин тому
That's how you make a trailer
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz 10 годин тому
I have so much hatred towards this trailer and absolutely makes no sense that it show's Tobey Maguires spidey instead of hollands like why though. If this take's place in the raimi universe then it might be that Tobey Maguires spiderman is accused of being a murder because of eddy brocks death in spiderman 3 during the explosion to destroy the symbiote. I might be wrong though but it's still confusing that Keaton appears in the ending of he trailer even though you can clearly see Tobey Maguires spidey shot. This studio absolutely ruined it.
SmashCrafter0708 10 годин тому
"This can be my last chance..."
Queenwolf_09 10 годин тому
....matt Smith??? What are you doing ? Trying to find Amelia pond? I don't think you are in the right cinematic universe just yet, getting closer
Mada Mady
Mada Mady 10 годин тому
OMFG! Jared Leto and Matt Smith in the same movie?! Me begins to sing: *Is this the real life?* *Is it just fantasy?*
Jimu Rhew
Jimu Rhew 10 годин тому
Rama Juniawan
Rama Juniawan 10 годин тому
BLACKBEARD 999 11 годин тому
So does the vulture have do with morbius is he a good guy or a bad guy
Dario Urbaez
Dario Urbaez 11 годин тому
Oh Jared, please stop ruining comics movies. PLEASE
Mrugendra Fale
Mrugendra Fale 12 годин тому
Genetic Mutation Right ? Dracula 🦇 👍🏻Background Music 🎶
fantmclwd 12 годин тому
2:09 for the possibly ffh reference with the word murderer over spiderman for killing fishbowl
Famous guy for being unknown
Famous guy for being unknown 13 годин тому
Why does he look like rasputin?
Rafi Roito
Rafi Roito 13 годин тому
Jared leto Joker < morbius
C a e s a r
C a e s a r 13 годин тому
*What's up Doc !!*
Bintang Fadjrul Fallah
Bintang Fadjrul Fallah 13 годин тому
He vented all his anger from the previous joker role.
Jayshree Satale
Jayshree Satale 13 годин тому
Michael Keaton and Spiderman PS4 Tobey Maguire poster
YouBeenPlagued 14 годин тому
Mavel Man Bat?
DarkFire Sama
DarkFire Sama 14 годин тому
Who else was hoping they were going to keep the hand suckers like he had in the 90s spiderman cartoon? Those things were pretty scary xD
MrWelp 15 годин тому
Spider-Man in the back at 2:10 check it out !!!!!!
Titus Moody
Titus Moody 15 годин тому
Morbius, Dr. Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider and future Moon Knight and Son of Satan TV series due? The Midnight Sons movies should be in the works
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 15 годин тому
Damn, I have a feeling that this going to be an ok movie, just like Venom. Since this is Sony, we might not get a crossover with Spiderman and Blade.
Muhammad Fathony Alfikri
Muhammad Fathony Alfikri 16 годин тому
What I hear from the trailer: Ba da di di di di di di dum, Ba da dum, Bi di dum
Harry Schroder
Harry Schroder 16 годин тому
In another universe, he could have been Kirk Langstrom, the Man-Bat.
Rinson Raju
Rinson Raju 17 годин тому
Does batman knows this
Joel Elliot
Joel Elliot 17 годин тому
Daucus carota L
Daucus carota L 17 годин тому
Super hero or antihero or witch
Nicholas Restaino
Nicholas Restaino 17 годин тому
2:09 "I heard Spider-Man was there.."
Titangamer 68
Titangamer 68 18 годин тому
2:13 When the doctor walks in* Morbius: Why do I hear boss music?
bssni touir
bssni touir 16 годин тому
Did someone else noticed... Für Elise as the soundtrack... No one?... Yup Edit: No one
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 18 годин тому
2 :11 is that tom holland????
nosgulcivic 18 годин тому
So I've basically seen the movie at this point lol
Lyon 19 годин тому
Christopher Girardi
Christopher Girardi 19 годин тому
I think the 'Venomverse' is like a pocket universe within the MCU, it does indeed connect, but only Spiderman's (and other Spiderman characters) actions can influence it. Hence the 'murderer ' graffiti.
Master Assassin
Master Assassin 19 годин тому
Am I tripping or was that doctor who?
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