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Joyner Lucas
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jac5562 2 години тому
I love all the new melennials thinking giving credentials is a new wave to get a shout out and an @
kylew1980 2 години тому
When he say "wild wild west" then the beat drop!!!!! DUMBO!!!!
Keith Thomas Jr.
Keith Thomas Jr. 2 години тому
Jeff Warren
Jeff Warren 2 години тому
😮Beautiful lyrics,beat sicker than the Corona Virus,and visuals that make u have to smile at least 3 times in awe, make this one of the BEST music videos of all time.Yeah,I said it. BTW The Shark Tale clip was ...OFF THE HOOK.
John R. Lamkin 3rd.
John R. Lamkin 3rd. 2 години тому
Wow, Will Smith gets the props he wholeheartedly deserves. We Love you #WillSmith. #JoynerLucas, what a beautiful tribute my brother.
Davian Nathaniel Munoz
Davian Nathaniel Munoz 2 години тому
RIP Sam 🥺🥺❤️
kylew1980 2 години тому
Oooo this GO!!!!
Jyotirmaya Prusty
Jyotirmaya Prusty 2 години тому
This guy never met Will IRL. Will just posted a story on instagram
DonDairy337 2 години тому
How u skip independence day
Tomé Vidal
Tomé Vidal 2 години тому
Michael Troche
Michael Troche 2 години тому
We don’t deserve a song like this... Joyner murdered this and didn’t even curse
T C 2 години тому
This song only has 9 times more views than Earlsweatshirt East... think about it
BGabba 2 години тому
I love this tribute and hope James Avery feels all the love he gets too from him playing Uncle Phil.
jac5562 2 години тому
He's dead wtf u mean
J.M.T UNIVERSE 2 години тому
Independence day anyone
&LS 2 години тому
&LS APPROVED ! and will smith approved
Carlson Mitchel
Carlson Mitchel 2 години тому
What no Suicide Squad?
The Gifted Butterfly
The Gifted Butterfly 2 години тому
I cannot stop listening to this song. 🤪🥳 Love your voice and this beat. Damn 🥰😍🤩 "That's the Wild Wild West" 😎
Ray Tyler
Ray Tyler 3 години тому
Great tribute to a true icon and living legend. Cheers!! 🥂
Lenny Coco
Lenny Coco 3 години тому
Independence Day ?
LaLa Milan
LaLa Milan 3 години тому
JN - 05LE - Hanover PS (1428)
JN - 05LE - Hanover PS (1428) 3 години тому
I got the drip I am saucy
Shehwaz Ahmed
Shehwaz Ahmed 3 години тому
Will is the GOAT
Jru Wilkerson
Jru Wilkerson 3 години тому
Just waiting on the Ignorant oblivious "He's talking about Will Smith" comment.
Saif Al Islam
Saif Al Islam 3 години тому
That's hot.
Bakchod Baba
Bakchod Baba 3 години тому
Breaking news shocking ukvid.info/video/Y5yMz36plaGh4KQ.html
mariami okropiridze
mariami okropiridze 3 години тому
this video is staged and directed professionally 🙌
SIRR3AL 231 3 години тому
Is everyone ignoring the fact this beat is made by Crank Lucas...
jac5562 2 години тому
No cus he did it on a live broadcast
Sandesh k
Sandesh k 3 години тому
Timeless classic
O M 3 години тому
Damn Will got a gut on him :-)
Hellcore Fire
Hellcore Fire 3 години тому
Will Smith should get more recognition for his rap career, I feel he's really underappreciated in that department.
Francisco Mtz
Francisco Mtz 3 години тому
Crank Lucas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alex Hart
Alex Hart 3 години тому
So fucking dope. Man, 2 legends, 1 song that honours both, so fucking dope.
viggo johansenTV
viggo johansenTV 3 години тому
thats hot
Ketch 509
Ketch 509 3 години тому
Very clever.
Travis and Torrey covers
Travis and Torrey covers 3 години тому
I keep watching the first half of the video over and over i cant remember what happens
MostWanted FinesseGang Vevo
MostWanted FinesseGang Vevo 3 години тому
No Hate But Nb Should Rap On Them Type Beats But Dababy Be Orginal Good Sound Tho
MICHAEL MORGAN 3 години тому
Next Eminem
Djdrick Kenya
Djdrick Kenya 3 години тому
The Family Spot
The Family Spot 3 години тому
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a> is the sexiest moment of this video!!😍😍😍
ChadRilla23 3 години тому
Looks like we got 7 thousand haters in this bitch smh
Syaariq Lachica
Syaariq Lachica 3 години тому
Man this was really one the greatest music ever and also giving someone their roses while there still alive🙏🏾🙌🏾
Ivan Pusceddu
Ivan Pusceddu 3 години тому
Perfect mix between will and uncle phil
Crytica 3 години тому
First Tyga making a song in honor of Lil Wayne while he is still alive (Lightskin Lil Wayne). And now we have Joyner Lucas showing his respect to Will Smith while he is alive. Let's keep this trend going!
jac5562 2 години тому
No comparison what so ever.
Jay 3 години тому
I dont really give two turds about this sort of music. But this was 10/10.
Sam Crook
Sam Crook 3 години тому
I’m an artist and this is an all time winner! God damn there’s too much in there to keep up
John shokranifar
John shokranifar 3 години тому
very gay,,, very very gay
Vitality Gaming
Vitality Gaming 3 години тому
Yes you are
Pharaoh NoChill
Pharaoh NoChill 3 години тому
nasty 🔥🔥
David Da Costa
David Da Costa 3 години тому
YO this beat and music video is SICK !! HANDS UP TO JOYNER AND WILL !!
javi rodriguez
javi rodriguez 3 години тому
Some non Trashy soundcloud.com/frankbenjamins23/str8-to-the-top-prod-iamtash
B Wabbit
B Wabbit 3 години тому
I hope more people follow in your footsteps and give praises to their motivators and the people that inspired them. This was Beautiful!
matteo gasparini
matteo gasparini 3 години тому
7k people had their screen upside down
Darren Marais
Darren Marais 3 години тому
Will is the GOAT
Nick Suglobov
Nick Suglobov 3 години тому
Waiting for Will to leave a comment here =)
paige makanani
paige makanani 3 години тому
im guessing he couldn’t find anything to rhyme w hancock
paige makanani
paige makanani 2 години тому
jac5562 I wanted to see him fly :(
jac5562 2 години тому
I'm guessing if he can rhyme backwards he can rhyme Hancock.. glam spot,blam cocked, gram spot,damn lock,Camelot. Mad easy he didn't do 7pounds either
Eric Tranholm
Eric Tranholm 3 години тому
This homie was taught well. And he got skills. He just got a new fan.
jac5562 2 години тому
Peep Reks
KweenPharoah W
KweenPharoah W 3 години тому
Love this 💯💯💪🏽💪🏽
Michał Pławsiuk
Michał Pławsiuk 3 години тому
Track is fire 🔥 and Joyner is definietly legend in the making 🐐 But I wonder if anyone noticed that there's some issues with the mix of this song. The single version (spotify) sound loud and clean while on album it sounds just like in this video, lower quality. In case someone thinks I'm trippin, check the single version and listen when he says "I robot" there is some effect that we can't hear in the album version :D
Json 4 години тому
Dessi Marie
Dessi Marie 4 години тому
I love this, I love how this generation of rappers and singers are shouting out their inspirations showing love and respect to the ones who inspired them and still being great I also love how the fans appreciate that about their faves. The fact that their faves give credit and show love to those who helped them get through some things.
Gail's Tubes
Gail's Tubes 4 години тому
This is gs
RoyalsCB 4 години тому
fucking hell, this is bloody the greatest music video ever made.
TJ Brim
TJ Brim 4 години тому
This shit tuff
Game Machine
Game Machine 4 години тому
ukvid.info/video/hGOttZ7PjqV6t3I.html play watch share and subscribe please
Christopher Bowley
Christopher Bowley 4 години тому
8.9 million in 4 days
Vivid Skiies
Vivid Skiies 4 години тому
This should end up in the new fast and furious movie. I swear. This is a good track
Don Jon
Don Jon 4 години тому
Will is such a god damn legend
Katlego Moate
Katlego Moate 4 години тому
Not necessarily a fan of Joyner, but this is WORK 🔥!!!
Kyra Sykes
Kyra Sykes 4 години тому
xannerxan xannerxan
xannerxan xannerxan 4 години тому
Its fresh out, but this bit and song already feels nostalgic somehow....
piedpiper85 4 години тому
Rayne Ozier
Rayne Ozier 4 години тому
Great video, not so great deep fake. They should’ve went to the boys over at Corridor Crew, lol
Cage Frost
Cage Frost 4 години тому
If there was one person who I have never met but inspired me it is definitely Will Smith. Joyner did something so many people wish they could do. Celebrate people while they are still here.
F.B. I
F.B. I 4 години тому
Lil Mosey or Joyner Lucas?
Craig Williams
Craig Williams 4 години тому
I'm just going to leave this link right here....ukvid.info/user-lJzkdxt90cFgItZSJqc3Lg
Tab Visuals
Tab Visuals 4 години тому
this is only so fucking amazing, the editing on this is insane props to the director/producers and editors
aaron george
aaron george 4 години тому
We did it boys Look at the dislikes
Kyle McManus 2
Kyle McManus 2 4 години тому
Hey everyone. If you want to watch a funny video making fun of Kidz Bop, check out ukvid.info/video/layux7GknHeSsXY.html
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 4 години тому
Does fresh Prince know about this
Latasha Palmer
Latasha Palmer 4 години тому
No naked women..no cursing..just sending a message we can all appreciate..good job👌🏾
Galaxy Lyrics
Galaxy Lyrics 4 години тому
Another version of "Mask on"
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